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do you will
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5 Steps of

From Opening line to makeing love

    • Step 0: Selection
    • Step 1: Start Contact
    • Step 2: Get a Date
        • Small Talk / Keep Conversation
        • Get Phone Number or Date
    • Step 3: Date her
    • Step 4: Kiss her
    • Step 5: Make Love
If you have not read Step Zero The Basics of Selection yet, please do NOW
For successful flirtation and seduction,
just read this page and follow the links.

Coaching from love at first sight at the bar
until final getting down to bed makeing love

Up to now, not all Chapters are comletely written down in English
Right now I am working on it, writing down my Know How in English. So please bookmark this page and come back. By end of December all sites sould be online and links should be set to all steps.

1st Step: Start Contact
A) Better Eye Contact
You could start with eye contact.
One could start a contact without saying a word and get a positive reaction.
How you can do this professionally and different o all the others will be translated and published later.
B) Different Opening Lines
to get in Contact
Trick for free: Just talk with her as if she was a man, your sister or any other relative.
You do not have any problems to talk to people who you know for a long time, do you?
So pretend, you met a person you know alredy very well.
Put this into your imagination before thinking of what you would say.
First approach and start of conversation
The Start-Contact Report will tell you the psychologically basic Know How about the rules of opening lines and how to use them.
Lots of good opening lines which are all tested and proved will be described.
You will read not only the lines but also you will read stories what happened using them.
You will learn how to use dirty tricks to have an interesting start to a conversation.
They cannot be made public for free as they are special and not all men should use them but only the ones who invest a little money to be different from all the other men.
Get all information to a successful first contact of a girl with the
Start Contact Report
Much for me to write or translate, I am working on it.

Step 2, Get a Date
Small Talk and Conversation
Small Talk after 1st Flirtline
Small Talk is needed right after the first opening-line or in a first conversation which however came up.
Continuing Conversation
How to continue the Small Talk
How to keep up conversation.
Also very useful during a first date at a pub/bar/restaurant
If you do not know what to say after the first saying Hello
or if you have a hanger during a conversation,
all what you can easily do is written down in the DATE REPORT which you can access now for a small fee of only 5 US$


5 $ only
Instant access to the Small Talk Report after paying with pay pal!
Other payment methods to buy the report

3rd Step, The Date 
You might think, that you must not read the Date-Report, as you have already read the Small Talk Report...
Maybe you think you know how to date and finally you just want to know how you could get the first kiss and you think you just need the tricks which I publish at Step 4, the KISS-REPORT
However, if the date is a mess, you will never get an emotional kiss on your mouth.
So let us talk about the first date as it is very important for her.
She will find out more about you and maybe she will fall in love with you.
But she will only be knocked out from you if you master the Date.
You must be different from all other men and she will be eager to kiss you and to see you again and again and again.
To make a perfect date, during which the importance is NOT the Conversation sitting eye to eye or stupid staring at the screen of the movies, read the DATE REPORT and find out how to seduce her just with dating her better than all the other men

4th Step, The Kiss
You might get the kiss maybe during the contact-day or during the first date.
However, most girls kiss first during the second date and they will make sex the third date.
But they never will make sex before kissing.
How to get to the first kiss during the first or second date
how to find out her signal when she is ready to be kissed
and even, how you can provocate this signal,
so that you do not keep on dating, dating and dating
and never get forward to the kiss,
just read the KISS REPORT

5th Step, The Love
After the Kiss...
during the Kissing-Date which is the second or third date:
Don't wait any longer! Get down to bed or any horizontal position and make love with her.

If she does not kiss you during 4th or 5th date:
Start steps 1 to 5 with another girl, there are HUNDREDS!!!
JUST DO IT and: Good luck!

Please read also my Selection Report about Basics of Selection, as it tells you frankly, that NOT YOU select the girl, but the GIRL SELECTS YOU


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