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Warning and Disclaimers:

Emotional Behavior is contrary to Rational Behavior.
After reading and practicing the tricks
there might be changes in your character and it
could be that you will never be like before!

The author teaches practics how to flirt in a rational way.
Readers who follow these practices could gain a lot of
success in flirting and secucing, however, they might get
adicted to this and loose the emotional feelings.
Emotions of fear, shyness, exciting and many other things
normally support the feeling of love which could be
poetically be described as a hurricane with ups and downs
and emotions like frustration and happieness.

Getting used to practicing rational flirting, the reader
could lose his dreams and believes in true love!
Male readers could maybe know how to seduce girls but 
maybe never be able to fall in love with a girl again!
This might happen as consequence of learning how one
can manipulate erotic feelings of a woman with the
logic witness of rational acting according to rules.
I say it again:
Emotional Behavior is contrary to Rational Behavior.

Continuing reading, reader accepts to take the mentioned risks
and all consequences which might arise out of changed behavior
and won or lost whatever feelings, emotions, or character and
economic changes.

All that reader does after having read these pages
he will do on his own risk!
The author does not take any responsibility
for newly won or lost feelings or whatever will happen
to you, especially not for psychologic changes in reader's
character or economic changes because of divorces or 
marrying a millionaire.

Divorces might happen to married persons who read this 
tricks of flirting because they want to have a sexual adventure
besides their marriage. As a concequece of having success
based on practicing these tricks, a married person could
overthink marriage and start having sex with many various partners
and end up as advanced sex-maniac which never wants to go back
to normal life which is by general society is meant to be
staying within a marriage of 2 true people living in harmony
and rising children according to the law of the countries
that with all rationality has created rules and laws,
trying to rule and protect people who signed marriage contracts
beeing under influence of emotions, widely known as LOVE.

Marrying a millionaire might change readers life totally, it will
have effect on his economic situation and even worse, his character.
Author will not take any responsibility for this, however he will
be greatful if he would receive an extra donation by someone who
always wanted this changes in his life and could get it with the
rational rules of flirting and seduction, published by the Autor,
webmaster and and domain-owner as registered at DENIC.

Manipulation could be dangerous to people who do not want 
to change their lives! This applies to the person which is 
manipulated and to the person which uses techniques of  

Women are protected against seduction by their ancient destination
to be very selective when a man approches her.

The Author explains some of nature´s rules how women select men.
The Author recommends to read books about this, written by scientists.
The Author only describes generally know how with his own words.

The Author recommends to read books about manipulation and how to
protect oneself against it and how to practice it, as manipulation
is a thing that happens everyday in everybodys life. Recommendation
is given to male and female readers.

As a consequence of long before existing public availability of 
a lot of books about relationships between men and women, about 
better selling, flirting, making love and how to manipulate and 
protect oneself against manipulation,
author rejects any complaint of any woman which might have the 
idea to hold author harmful because she was seduced
by a man which might have used know how published on these websites.

Remember: No trick will work, if the trick is known as a trick.
No woman will ever go to a bed with a man if she does not want to.
If female reader thinks she must know the tricks, please feel
free to pay and read them, as male readers do.
Same right for everybody.

General Disclaimer

With returning to sites of the author,
you confirm having read the warning and disclaimers and that
you will not use anything of the written against the author.
Copyright is respected and author's work will not be
published without prior written permission of the author.

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