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Selction of the Seducer
Basic Knowledge of Flirting
Since millions of years, since mankind exists,
women need a man for protection and security.
SO girls will only feel safe with a man who has courage.
Q: How do you prove you have courage?
A: Just don't be shy, walk to her, be a real man and talk self confident.
Q: What do you loose shyness?
A: Just try the things you learn in the following.
The successes will make you more and more self confident.
Always the best
Women always want the best.
by the way: Who does not want the best of something?
Women select out of all men available only the best. You might have thought that if you are a good flirter and seducer, you could select any pretty girl out of a crowd of young girls, go to her and start contact and seduce her.
Yes, you could try it and with the tricks of flirtation which you will find on this website you really could have the chance that you will be selcted by her to be the one who may go to bed with her.
No girl or woman would ever go to bed and fuck with the next man who would like to make love with her.
Question: What can a man do to appear as the best for the girls?
Answer: Just don't be as bad as the rest of all men.
Sounds simple and in fact: It really IS very simple to be better than the rest, because:
All men are the same.
But no girl wants to fuck with all.
All men start a conversation the same way with the same silly first lines
SO here is the thing you have to do:
Do not be like all men,
Do not start with flirtlines all men usually use.
Be different, use different flirt lines.
To do and not to do
This is VERY VERY important
so read this carefully:
use all the flirtlines you ever used,
dont ask the questions in conversation which all men ask,
do not go to dating places all couples go the first date
do not kiss when all men usually giv e her the first kiss
and last but not least: Do not fuck her like all the others
Do it this way:
Be different to the rest of all men in anything you say and do!
FORGET the following questions:
- Could it be that I have seen you before?
- Are you here alone or with friends?
- May I invite you for a drink?
- Do you go here regularly?
- Just saw you and thought you are the prettiest girl in this place.
- Did anyone tell you today, that you have beautiful eyes/dress/figure/(compliments)
- Nice tatoo/tshirt/dress/jewelery that you wear to day.
- and all other simple start phrases.
NEVER EVER use these phrases again,
as these are the most common phrases all men use.
During a conversation, it is the same:
Forbidden while talking
- Whats your name
- what's your age
- where do you live
- what's your profession
- Do you go here regularly?
It is like a questionary at the police station, and interview with a lawyer!
Even if you think that you now whant to know here name.
Better BITE YOURSELF on the toung instead of asking these silly questions all  men ask.
YOU ARE NOT like all men.
Do not use these phrases as first line and do not ask the questions during a first conversation.
You will learn all this later AFTER she has decided to tell you everything.
Always remember: only the women decides if she will go with you.
All you can do is be more interesting than all the men she met before.
Then she will be eager to know you better.
She will fall in love with you if you keep beeing more interesting than all the others she met before.
I tell you, buddy: It's easy.
Just do not do the things I listed above.
You will ask better questions.
SO you will be better than all men.
She will be interested in you,
she will date you.
You will do better dates
The Date too, of course must be different to all the dates she had with all other men before.
You will learn about this later in my class.
Now think about things you can do different
Or just follow my links to Steps 1 to 5
to learn from me, what things I recomend to say and do.

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